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OK, so we all are familiar with the problem. We live in a society where virtually every child is "At Risk". They're "At Risk" for addictions to alcohol, drugs and pornography. They're "At Risk" for violence, suicide, and sexual promiscuity. And if we as parents, ministers and educators don't change our approach to solving this problem, we are "At Risk" of losing an entire generation. We have expensive curricula, but fail to invest in the training necessary to effectively communicate them. We teach the "main ideas", but fail to take the time to address the false perceptions that keep the kids from receiving them. We have boring brochures and wasted websites. And our youth meetings are comprised of lots of intellect presented with little intensity, where we communicate the problems, but fail to connect with the person. 

There is a war being waged over the hearts and minds of our young people and though politics plays a major role, the frontline of the battle is not located in the courtrooms. True character and morality can not be legislated; it must be taught. The frontlines are those places where youth can be directly influenced and impacted on a daily basis. It's in the classrooms and in various forms of media. It's on the basketball courts, and in city parks. It's at the PTA meetings and teacher in-services. It's in our youth groups and detention centers, where kids from both institutions are displaying much of the same delinquent behavior. And if we're smart, it's at the kitchen table and during the family gatherings.

An individual or organization who is genuinely concerned about helping young people will naturally find their way to the frontlines of the battle. The vision of Frontline Youth Communications is to equip them with the weapons necessary to win once they get there. With an arsenal that includes high-impact youth presentations and events, effective communication workshops, and dynamic print media and interactive web design, our approach is as cutting-edge and multi-faceted as the culture we are combating. However, our philosophy is simple. We focus on the individual - not just their issues. Years of working with kids has taught us that it is suicidal to just stand before kids and simply point the finger at what they are doing wrong. The most effective way to reach a young person is to skillfully devalue their negative conduct by adding value to the person.

Please enjoy the rest of our site and feel free to contact us if we can assist you in making an IMPACT in your community.


David Mahan, CEO Frontline Youth Communications

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