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David Mahan is a man on a mission, equipped with the tools and resources necessary to impact today's youth culture. David's diverse range of life experiences, charismatic personality, theological background, as well as his talent for design and creative thought, converge to make him a highly effective communicator. However, it is the fact that he is a successful business owner, a devoted husband and a loving father that makes him a fitting role model for today's young people.

For the past 14 years his passion for reaching his generation has led him into the very front-lines of the war over the hearts and minds of today's youth. He impacts the lives of thousands of teens each year while serving in the trenches of schools, churches, detention centers and city streets, both in the United States and abroad.

David is encouraged by some of the strides and financial investment our government is making to turn the tide of self-destructive behavior of our nation's youth. However, he is convinced that any attempts to change and impact the attitudes of young people will be in vain without dynamic men and women who can effectively communicate issues on their level. Teachers, parents, politicians and most importantly, the kids all agree that he is that kind of communicator. David has to his advantage the combination of being intelligent and articulate, yet young and attractive enough to be able to connect with his typically superficial teen audience.

David's bold approach to speaking pierces the hearts of young people like a two edged sword "It cuts going in but heals coming out". His years of experience working with some of our society's most delinquent youth have compelled David to become skillful in delivering just the right mix of humor, in-your-face toughness and compassion. His unique style forces his audiences to take a realistic look at their lifestyles and the consequences that those lifestyles will inevitably produce in the future. David's philosophy is that the last thing teens need is another miracle drug, device or detention center. He feels strongly that if we as a nation are to successfully lower the epidemic rates of teen pregnancy, STD infections, substance abuse, violence and the shattered dreams of our children, we must once again raise the standards by which we teach them to live. His objective is always to leave young people enriched with a renewed self-concept, empowered with accurate information and motivated to either start or continue to make positive life choices. He stresses that each new day brings with it new opportunities, new choices and new hope.

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