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In these presentations, David gives a basic, yet highly IMPACT•ful overview of the benefits of abstinence until marriage and the truth behind the culturally glamorized alternatives. As he tackles head-on the tough issues of teen sexual activity, media influence and self-concept, David skillfully dismantles several of the prevailing false perceptions that pertain to each one. His message is sure to leave his audience enriched with a renewed self-concept, empowered with accurate information and inspired to either start or continue to make positive life choices. Years of working with youth have taught David that it is suicidal to just stand before kids and simply point the finger at what they are doing wrong. David’s philosophy is that the most effective way to reach a young person is to skillfully devalue their negative conduct by adding value to the person. Be sure to check out our I.D. product line at to view the pledge cards that are read at the end of every presentation as a challenge to the boys to represent themselves as young men and the girls to represent themselves as young ladies

Don’t be scared…say what you gotta say! In this workshop, guys and girls will be split into two groups and lead in a NO HOLDS BARRED discussion about their views of love, sex and relationships, from both the male and female perspectives. The session culminates into the participants collectively completing a huge chart depicting how commitment, respect, intimacy, and sex play out in their culture’s view of friendship, dating, engagement and marriage relationships. This presentation is guaranteed to leave kids saying, “I never thought about it like that!”

The mentoring program consists of three phenomenal days of intensive training on such topics as Effective Youth Communication, Leadership, Youth Culture, Self-concept and Discipleship. Each day builds upon the information covered in the previous one, and is conducted in an informal, family-like atmosphere to encourage group interaction. Participants will have the opportunity to observe David demonstrate the principles discussed in the sessions, as they conduct two live classroom presentations in the local area. There are also optional faith-based sessions offered in the evenings for those who desire to learn the spiritual application of what was taught in the secular sessions. By the end of the program, each participant will have the knowledge, resources, and the inspiration necessary to go to the next level in their educational endeavors.

Day 1
David will present the full length version of his ever popular Points of IMPACT Workshop, designed to empower individuals with key insights and methodologies necessary to effectively influence our challenging youth culture. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the following:
- The Six IMPACT Points of effective communication that David uses to structure his presentations, and how to implement them into their various endeavors
- The distinct difference between Mainstream education and "Diversionary” education
- Tips on how to reach the hard cases, such as males and the urban youth demographic
- Tips on how to help maximize information retention by learning the basics of how the brain processes information from the environment
-Stories and analogies activity

Day 2
- Presentation development strategies
- A live classroom presentation observations
- Message outline activity
- Group discussion concerning classroom observations - Participants work on completing their own presentations

Peer-mentoring workshops are designed to empower students with key insights and methodologies necessary to effectively challenge and influence peers. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn the following:
- Abstinence from Risky Behaviors 101 session
- The Six IMPACT! Points of Effective Communication that David uses to structure his presentations, and how to implement them into their various endeavors.
- Tips on how to reach the hard cases, such as males and the urban youth demographic.

In these workshops, participants will receive a brief, but IMPACT•ful overview of some of the major issues facing our youth regarding sex, and why it is imperative for parents to address them directly. We will discuss how today’s youth culture views love, sex and relationships and give key insights on how parents can take steps to effectively “train up their children in the way they should go”, before the culture does it for them
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