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Peer Leadership


Created by a national youth educator and program consultant, the PeerPositive Online Youth Development System is designed to help organizations develop their students into effective peer leaders by forming the connective tissue between their various program components, and providing a method for incentivizing responsible behavior. In addition to an organized system of program management, rank, and evaluation, the PeerPositive System utilizes innovative online resources and the power of positive peer pressure to prepare youth to engage, equip, and empower their peers. Just try it and see that it's EVERYTHING we've been missing!
About the PeerPositive Peer-mentoring program
The PeerPositive program is the perfect “youth to youth” supplemental solution to reinforce any organizations current “adult to youth” positive youth development efforts. As a part of the program, students receive interactive and culturally relevant instruction on leadership, presentation development, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, effective communication skills, and the avoidance of risky behaviors such as violence, substance abuse, and premarital sexual activity. In addition to their own personal growth, participants will be trained on how to use to effectively engage, equip and empower their peers by hosting presentations throughout their communities as certified PeerPositive Instructors.
About is a media rich site designed for the purpose of educating and equipping youth to positively impact their communities. Through interactive activities centered around music, videos, and viral campaigns, is an innovative tool to raise awareness of, and provide risk avoidance solutions for the growing epidemic of youth violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and STD’s.

Video from "Common Sense Culture"

Common Sense Culture is an example of the Peer Leardership groups David helps develop across the country.

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