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Community-Wide Youth Events
No matter how true or right our information may be, a message needs to be culturally relevant before it has any chance to impact young lives. Frontline is known around the country for providing some of the most memorable and engaging presentations for both youth and adults of all ages and ethnicities. We have been honored to partner with such organizations as the Federal Administration for children and Families (ACF), the National Abstinence Clearinghouse (Board member), State and local health and youth services departments, and the Nigerian Abstinence Education Network to directly impact the lives of tens of thousands of youth annually across the nation and abroad.

Peer Leadership Development
Based on his D.I.A.L. Approach to Positive Youth Development, David created the PeerPositive System to help organizations develop their students into effective peer leaders. While youth organizations generally provide a wealth of valuable services, this web-based tool enables them to effectively integrate their various program components and provides a method for incentivizing responsible behavior. In addition to an organized system of program management, rank, and evaluation, the PeerPositive System utilizes innovative online resources and the power of positive peer pressure to prepare youth to engage, equip, and empower their peers. It’s EVERYTHING we’ve been needing!

Message Reinforcers
Whether you are looking for commitment cards, posters to promote an event or just a hot shirt to encourage a young person you love, the FrontlineGear Store has just what you need. While your there, sure to check out our Music that Moves positive youth development CD! Since your kids are  already listening to strong beats and lyrics in their day-to-day lives, why not plant a positive message in the music they already enjoy? For a limited time only, Music that Moves CD's can be purchased in quantities of 250 or more for $2.00 each, making them the perfect giveaway item for assemblies, rallies and classroom presentations!
Parent Presentations
In these workshops, participants will receive a brief, but IMPACT•ful overview of some of the major issues facing our youth, and why it is imperative for parents to address them directly. We will discuss how today’s youth culture views love, sex and relationships and give key insights on how parents can take steps to effectively “train up their children in the way they should go”, before the culture does it for them.
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Professional Development
These seminars are designed to empower youth workers of all backgrounds with key insights and methodologies necessary to effectively influence our challenging youth culture. Participants receive 1-2 phenomenal days of intensive training on such topics as Effective Youth Communication, Peer Leadership, Youth Culture and Positive Youth Development.  Each day builds upon the information covered in the previous one, and is conducted in an informal, family-like atmosphere to encourage group interaction.

Multi-Media design
Our media campaigns are as bold, direct and honest as everything else we do. Frontline Youth Communications doesn't pull any punches with "watered down" messages because the cultural war waged against today's youth is too powerful an opponent. Our I*M*P*A*C*T First(SM) marketing strategy strikes right at the heart of today's most influential youth-oriented industries: Music, movies and retail. Whether it's a billboard in the inner-city or a dynamic, interactive web site, the powerful messages and graphics speak with a real voice to young people around the world.

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