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Points of Impact: Principals of Effective Communication

After an educator’s first couple years of conferences, curriculum
training, and classroom experience, the realization of, “I need more”
becomes very evident. Even though there are a lot of amazing curriculum and programs available to us out there, the reality is that they are only as good as our ability to effectively communicate them. As a man who has spent years impacting the lives of thousands across the US and abroad, David Mahan understands that need. The demand for this type of training from so many of the educators that David has encountered over the years, was the motivating factor for designing this professional development seminar.

Points of IMPACT! seminars consist of 1 to 2 phenomenal days of
practical training on such topics as Effective Youth Communication, Youth Culture, Peer Leadership, and some may even discover a few things about themselves. Each day builds upon the information covered in the previous one, and is conducted in an informal, family-like atmosphere to encourage group interaction. Participants will have the opportunity to observe David demonstrate the IMPACT principles discussed in the sessions as he conducts a live presentation in their local area. By the end of the program, each participant will have the knowledge, resources, and the inspiration necessary to go to the next level in their educational endeavors.

Day 1

  • The Six IMPACT Points of effective communication that David uses to structure his presentations, and how to implement them into their various endeavors
  • The distinct difference between mainstream education and "diversionary”education
  • Tips on how to reach the hard cases, such as males and the urban youth demographic
  • Tips on how to help maximize information retention by learning
    the basics of how the brain processes information from the environment
    Observe a live classroompresentation (optional evening session)


Day 2

  • Group discussion concerning presentation observations
  • Stories and analogies
  • Presentation development strategies
  • Peer Leadership
  • Cycle of LifeStyle diagram (behavior modification)

For more information on how to schedule a Professional Development seminar in your area, contact Frontline by clicking here

Look for us at the 2009 National Abstinence Education Grantees Conference February 4-6, 2009!

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