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School Assemblies Youth Conference
Church Event Points of IMPACT Workshop
Parent/Teacher Training Fundraising Banquet
Interactive Website Community Rally
IMPACT First Package Music that Moves Concert
Peer-Mentoring Workshop FrontlineGear Product order
Adult Mentoring Workshop Incarcerated Youth Services
Promotional Materials (posters, billboards, brochures, etc.)

If scheduling with other schools in your area, travel time between schools cannot be more than 45 minutes.

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Please note that evening events for David Mahan must have a minimum of 150 people attending and be approved by our office.

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Additional Information

Additional Event or Project Information:
Market analysis and campaign strategy
Speaking assemblies and Points of IMPACTSM workshops with David Mahan
Custom website tailored to fit your marketing strategy
Ready-to-use, impact-rich media advertising
• Billboards
• PSA's
A large array of classroom re-inforcers to continually feed your message
• Posters
• Pledge Cards
• Specialties
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